Highland County Board of DD

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Hills & Dales Preschool

8919 US 50, Hillsboro, Ohio  *  937-393-4237

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*Weather Procedures*

Graduating from PreSchool?

The 2016-2017 year is coming to a close and we're excited for the 2017-2018 year already!  

At Hills & Dales Preschool, we offer a unique opportunity for children with and without disabilities to learn together, play together, and grow together!

Call us today to meet with our Educational Director (Darlene Colliver) at 393-4237, extension 107.  You're welcome to schedule a visit and we're looking forward to meeting you and your preschooler!

Preschool Weather Procedures

Cold Weather

  1. Temperature/Wind Chills of 32 or higher.

Regular outdoor play times are followed.

2. Temperature/Wind Chills of 25-32

15-20 minutes of outdoor play time

3. Temperature/Wind Chills of 15 or below

No outdoor play time

*We ask that children have winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves each day during the winter season

                         Hot Weather

  1. Temperature/Heat Index of 96 or higher

Outdoor activities limited to 15 minutes at a time

(Total outdoor time is not to exceed one hour.)

*Water will be available.

**Special precautions will be taken for children who have specific medical conditions and may be affected by weather exposure.

Dear Preschool Parents,

It is the time of year for Kindergarten registrations. We are enclosing information about the Districts that we are aware of, but you should contact your specific school District soon to find out details.

Lynchburg: Phone: 937-364-9119 Registration: April 1-10,2015

Leesburg: Phone: 937-780-2221

Hillsboro: Phone: 937-393-3475 Registration: April 9,2015

Greenfield: Phone: 937-981-3241

Bright Local: Phone: 937-927-7010

We have enjoyed having your preschooler and wish them well as he/she begins a new school adventure!


Darlene Colliver, Education Coordinator 

Hills & Dales Preschool/Highland County Board of DD