"Come join the fun."

Mission Statement:  Ensuring that effective systems are available to assist people in achieving their life goals.

Community First

The Community First division, comprised of services including the Transitional Youth Program, Special Olympics, the People First Advocacy Group and the Up and Beyond Art Studio.

The Transitional Youth Program is in its 3rd year and in 2018, 73 youth were served, an all-time high. Students ranging from 14-22 years old from Bright Local, Hillsboro City Schools, Greenfield McClain, Fairfield, Lynchburg-Clay, FRS Connections, Hillsboro Christian Academy, Laurel Oaks, Southern Hills CTC and home-schooled students participated in pre-employment skills training.

This training consisted of Instruction in Self-Advocacy, Job Exploration Counseling, Workplace Readiness Training, Work Based Learning, and Counseling on Post-Secondary Options. Transition Coordinators work with each student to complete the modules with the ultimate goal of working in the community or attending additional educational experiences leading to a career. 

Each student is connected with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and upon completion of the Pre-Employment Transition Services, support remains to seek a job in the community.