"Come join the fun."

Mission Statement:  Ensuring that effective systems are available to assist people in achieving their life goals.

Enhancing the Quality of Life in Our Community  One Person at a Time

Every member of the community has a right to make the most out of his or her life. Highland County Board of DD is charged with providing legally mandated adaptation services for children and adults who qualify. Based in Hillsboro, OH, we provide assistance for families with children and adults who have developmental delays throughout the Highland County area.

Our Services

Early Intervention (Ages Birth-3)

Early Intervention includes service and support to infants and toddlers between the age of birth and three, who have a developmental delay or disability, and their families.

Early intervention services are identified for each child and family through development of an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Early intervention services are provided in the family home and other community settings. The Highland County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides early intervention services through early intervention specialists who are certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.


We offer integrated preschool services, bringing together children with and without developmental disorders and other conditions while providing adapted physical education, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

An integrated preschool setting is one in which children with disabilities are integrated or included in a classroom with typically developing children. The children with disabilities participate in all activities within the class and modifications are made as needed. 

By having children with disabilities participate in this type of program, they are provided with same age role models for language, fine and gross motor skills and behavior development. Inclusion is learning to live with one another, including those with special needs and limitations. 

Preschools, playgroups and daycare centers are the earliest and best places to start the inclusionary process.

Enrollment is accepted throughout the year.  

Admission is given if spots are available.

Children must be current on well checks, prior to admission.

SSA Services Coordination

A 24-hour per day, on-call system is maintained by Service and Support Administrators (SSA). The local number is 937-403-8256 for individuals with developmental disabilities in Highland County requiring emergency assistance. Our hotline number for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities to report abuse and neglect is 866-313-6733. We are committed to supporting and empowering individuals who use DD services so they can make informed decisions how they live their lives.

We have full time SSAs, a SSA Director and a SSA assistant who oversee the health, safety and welfare of over a hundred individuals in their homes, at work and in the community. More than one half of these individuals receive waiver services. Many individuals are supported to live in the home of their choice, while receiving the supports they want and need to be healthy & safe by being enrolled in Home and Community Based Waiver Services. Those individuals receiving waiver services must be Medicaid eligible.

Any services provided by the waiver are funded through federal, state, and local funds. All of our county boards are required by law to provide SSA services. Medicaid is billed to offset the cost of services we provide to individuals.

The responsibilities of the SSA staff include:

  • Assessing Individual Needs
  • Assisting Families to Make Future Life Plans
  • Assisting Individuals to Select Service Providers at Home and Work
  • Determining If an Individual is Eligible for County Board Services
  • Developing an Individual Plan (IP) - The Plan is Updated Regularly
  • Ensuring That All Individuals Receiving Services Have a Designated Advocate
  • Fiscal Responsibility When Establishing an Individual’s Budget for Waiver Services
  • Maintaining a 24-Hour, Per Day, On-Call System to Provide Emergency Services
  • Monitoring Services To Make Sure They Are Provided To Meet The Individual’s Wants and Needs

Community First

Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to his/her community in the least restrictive manner possible. 

We provide support for those seeking to participate in activities and experiences within the community. 

Helping students graduating high school obtain employment first with any support they need is part of our vision.