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Highland County Board of DD

  1. Consumer Perspective

VISION: To support children of Highland County through best practices in partnership with other community agencies.

  • Create county wide social opportunities in which all children may participate.

a. Initiate a playgroup co-op with other community partners. Partnered with Head Start, Library and WIC to offer rotating playgroup to share assets and funds

b. Establish training opportunities for families with young children.

c. Designate community “play sites” throughout Highland county for wholesome family fun and opportunities. Joined with Early Intervention families in Lynchburg and Greenfield also other community events meeting families where they are.

  • Facilitate community educational opportunities

a. Educate the community on the philosophy of integration.

In Process

b. Focus on increasing and educating our volunteer partners

on our mission. Ongoing

c. Increase presence at community professional

organizations to promote our mission.

  • Assure top credentialing and accreditation ratings for HCBDD operated programs/services.

a. Secure credentialing for birth to three year program

b. Maintain 5 Star Rating for SUTQ

c. Maintain DODD highest accrued rating.

VISION: To support adults by developing a broader network of community opportunities

  • Expand the provider pool.

a. Explore and secure funding with grants to promote

provider expansion.

a. Establish incentive opportunities to encourage local

Provider expansion. Have met with 3 provider agencies to determine what is needed to expand services. Follow up meetings have been scheduled and Operations Director and SSA Director have looked as possible sites to assist with day program provider expansion

a. Expand the use of technology to enhance service delivery. Participated in 1st conference call for Remote Monitoring Grant with SOCOG

  • Enhance community work opportunities

a. Create transportation opportunities to expand employment. Sub committee met to look at “uber” model from Sandusky County.

b. Create a customized employment model to market to

potential businesses. SSA’s to have list of needs by 2/23

a. Capitalize on continuing education opportunities for interested individuals. Developed a Human Services Certificate program with Southern State College 8/18.

  • Enhance community social opportunities

a. Educate the community on the philosophy of Community

First. Ongoing social media articles, videos, etc. Expansion to include various social media outlets with new PR position.

a. Identify community clubs and activities to promote

participation. SSA’s attending People First Meetings to encourage and support increased social activities

a. Sponsoring/Hosting biannual integrated community event.

Bowling league is integrated (Spring and Fall).

I. Financial Perspective

VISION: Assure fiscal integrity through best practice policy implementation.

  • Establish a 5-10 year policy projection.

a. Complete a cost projection tool-In Progress

b. Complete a waiver projection tool- In Progress

  • Manage operational overhead in accordance with the established annual budgets.

a. Establish departmental budgets- Completed

b. Designate quarterly budget meetings- Ongoing

  • Enhance revenue streams as opportunities become available.

a. Search for available/applicable grants - Ongoing

b. Utilize state sponsored funding opportunities i.e. Capital

Housing Funds.- Ongoing

  1. Employee Perspective

VISION: Create an agency which mirrors a “best place to work” model.

(1) Initiate a wellness atmosphere to promote healthy lifestyles.

a. Implement a wellness program designed to motivate staff to see a primary care physician and complete biometrics on an annual basis. We received a three year wellness strategy plan from Well Works that encompasses our initiatives, the third party administrator affiliated with USI at a $1,000.00 annual cost to the board. We are proceeding with implementation and expect 45 day lead time to implement.

a. Offer ergonomic evaluations of workspaces to all staff members. Ergonomic evaluations of workspaces are a service that the Bureau of Workers Compensation includes in our premiums. Appointments have not yet been scheduled with departments.

b. Complete a wellness culture audit to determine staff interests for planning wellness events at the workplace Developing

(2) Promote educational opportunities to enhance professional


a. Organize quarterly lunch and learns led by department for staff members.

b. Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of our team members and plan/schedule trainings accordingly.

c. Publish an electronic calendar of available trainings.

(3) Initiate a salary and benefit study to determine fair market


a. Survey other County Boards of DD with similar demographics (size, area).

b. Survey local employers with similar positions

c. Compare our agency with national studies.

In process; School Staff: Teachers, Educational Aides, Preschool Coordinator, School Administrative Assistants, salaries have been reviewed with data compiled from 14 agencies with similarities including county school location, adjacent location, population: Bright Local Schools, Clinton County Board of DD, Crawford County Board of DD, Fairfield Local School, Fayette County Board of DD, Highland County Board of DD, Jackson County Board of DD, Lynchburg-Clay School, Madison County Board of DD, Miami Trace, Pickaway County Board of DD, Pike County Board of DD, Ross County Board of DD, and Washington City Schools,

  1. Communication/Public Relations

VISION: Foster a well-informed community who understands the mission of the agency.

(1) Enhance internal communication to promote teambuilding and assure consistent messaging.

a. Create an electronic site that defines identity standards for

branding and includes standardized agency forms.

b. Create an internal agency blog and encourage employees

to post information about related workplace topics.

c. Organize brainstorming groups to help staff members

connect and encourage new ideas for the agency.

d. Promote the use of technology for better communication.

(2) Increase utilization of public relations platforms to share “our story” with the community.

a. Develop a rebranding strategy to assure consistent

messaging in all written products.

b. Develop a quarterly radio segment to publicize information,

highlights regarding county board efforts.

c. Reformat the social media platform to enhance targeted