"Come join the fun."

Mission Statement:  Ensuring that effective systems are available to assist people in achieving their life goals.

The Up & Beyond Studio

Always accepting donations. We currently need: old license plates and art supplies. Contact us below if you can donate. Thank you for supporting us as Artists.

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The studio is made up of creative artists with developmental disabilities and is currently in Hillsboro, Ohio. 

The nearly 23 artists have attended multiple shows and the fair selling pieces that range from wooden wall plaques from the artists’ own drawings to colorful phone stands and magnets. The artists receive 90% of all sales and 10% goes back into the studio for supplies. Most items sell between $3.00 and $30.00.


Our top seller of 2018 was Monica Burlett. She has been coming to the art studio since 2015 and has been a huge part of it’s growth and success due to her adorable pictures of animals. Monica blew up the art scene with her top heavy unicorn design which she sold 23 of, during the season last year. People see it and just fall in love. Monica enjoys drawing but she also paints like a pro. She has a way of using colors on pieces that at first don’t seem that they will work, but when the piece is done, it is amazing. Monica sold 112 pieces last year and plans on breaking that record in 2019.

D.J. Green came to the art studio about half way through the season last year, but he quickly moved into our 2nd top seller space. His drawings of cartoon animals and vehicles became a hit very quickly at the festivals and people especially loved the giant eyes he draws for his animas. D.J. spends about 3-4 days a week in the studio while also holding down a full-time, 3rd shift job. Although his time with us last year didn’t start until around August, his whimsical wooden wall plaques flew off the shelves, leaving him with a total pieces sold of 76. D.J. also loves to do pencil drawings of different important buildings. His favorite piece is his depiction of the Ohio Stadium (the Horseshoe) in Columbus Ohio. It took almost 2 months to finish the piece but D.J. knows that eventually the right person will see it and just have to buy it. 

Larry Wheatley is a newer artist to the Up & Beyond Art Studio. He doesn’t come to the studio, but instead proves his artistic abilities through his woodworking at his own woodshop located at his home. Larry recently started creating birdhouses for the studio to sell. Larry builds the birdhouses and then sends them to the studio, where another artist paints them and prepares them for sale. Larry has been known to make many different wood products from his home, and the studio looks forward to working with him during the upcoming years.


If you would be interested in learning more about the Up and Beyond Art Studio or are interested in purchasing any of our pieces or making art supply donations, please contact Jordan Freeze at 937-393-4237 Ext. 137, [email protected] or send a message on the form above.